Photo: Maria Manneck

My name is Falko Löffler. If you don’t like the umlaut (how could you, it’s METAL!), make that “Falko Loeffler”. And “Falko Loffler” would be ok as well. I still get mixed up with that dude.

I was born in 1974, studied German and English literature and media science and have been a freelance writer since 2003. My books have only been published in Germany so far (well, you can buy the German editions of my Kindle E-Books, like some of my short stories). Most of my time is spent on video games (which, sadly, does not mean that I play them all the day long). I make up stories, characters, worlds – or simply fill Excel sheets with all the text that games need. Interactive storytelling has fascinated me since Maniac Mansion. Furthermore, I review and translate all kinds of text assets for games into German. I’ve also dabbled in writing for the screen and one of my fantasy novels has been adapted as a hidden object game. My official trackrecord can be found on Mobygames, but during the last 20+ years I’ve worked on many more titles. Recently I was the lead writer on that new Leisure Suit Larry game and that even newer sequel. Currently I work on my 9th book and on various games.

If you’re interested in my services as a storyteller in any kind of media, translator or editor, you’re welcome to contact me. You can also find me on Linkedin and most other social media sites. From time to time I tweet from my English Twitter account.

I live in the Vogelsberg north of Frankfurt. That’s where the planes have to circle before they’re cleared for landing. Since the region is also known as the East Hesse Highlands I am officially a Highlander.